Top World Book Day Costume Ideas for Adults

Whether you’re a teacher looking to inspire your pupils or simply want to join in with the kids, here at Euro Costumes we have plenty of ideas to help you get into the spirit of World Book Day. With this in mind, we’ve put together our top fancy dress picks for the upcoming celebration of all things wordy and wonderful. After all, why should adults have to miss out on all the fun?
Fantastic Folk Tales
Transform into the legendary hero of Sherwood Forest with our Robin Hood costume for men, which includes a hat, shirt, belt, trousers and boot tops.

Alternatively, our Prince of Thieves outfit, complete with hooded suede shirt is great for anyone who wants to dress up as Nottingham’s most famous son.

Of course, you don’t have to always be a hero. Sometimes it’s good to be bad. Unleash your inner mistress of evil as Maleficent – the arch enemy of Sleeping Beauty who appears in the film adaptation of Charles Perrault’s beloved fairy tale.
Classic Literature
Delve deep down the rabbit hole and pay homage to Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland with our men’s Mad Hatter costume. Follow the yellow brick road all the way to Emerald City to recreate the world of Oz thanks to our gingham-checked Dorothy outfit. Fans of L. Frank Baum’s books will also love this Scarecrow costume - the ultimate in shabby chic.
Comic Book Outfits for Grown-ups
We know these characters aren’t strictly taken from books but that doesn’t mean comics aren’t a rich source of inspiration when it comes to storytelling.

Create a green envy-inducing look this World Book Day with Toxic Ivy, Catwoman or even Harley Quinn, of DC Comics fame.

There’s also super-villain Miss Riddler - feisty female sidekick of Batman’s sworn enemy, The Riddler. Complete with dress, belt, eye mask and bowler hat, it’s everything you need to enjoy a crime caper of your own!
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